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A Review On Legends of the North Cascades by Jonathan Evison

After a tragic accident, Dave Cartwright takes his seven year old daughter, Mirabella, Bella for short, to live in a cave in the wilderness in the North Cascades. Legends of the North Cascades tells us the story of tragedy, family, and the hardship of a single father. Dave does his best to give Bella, the … Read More

A Review On Hieroglyphics by Jill McCorkle

After retiring to North Carolina, Lil is determined to leave letters, diaries, and notes to her and her husband Frank’s children. While Lil is determined to do that, Frank is determined to find what has been left behind his childhood home which is now owned by Shelley and her son. These visits from Frank trigger … Read More

A Review On Libertie by Kaitlyn Greenidge

In the time of slavery, Libertie is the story of Libertie Samson and how she begins to discover being a Black woman in a time of men. Throughout her life, Libertie is brought different situations, talking about race, colorism, as well as issues on slavery. Each point that was talked about hit so many different … Read More

A Review On The Gift of Rio by C.S. Elston

After traveling to Hawaii after a traumatizing situation, Mei, now known as Toki, lives her life with her unborn daughter who would later become Rio in Hawaii. But on her way to But, during her trip from Japan to Hawaii, she encounters an old lady that tells her that her daughter Rio would grow up … Read More

A Review On Let’s Get Back to the Party by Zak Salih

Let’s Get Back to the Party is the story of Sebastian Mote, a 30 year old professor who is single and envies his students that can live so freely. After meeting his old childhood friend, Oscar Burnham, he discovers the current gay culture and how, as they both get older, see the ever-changing world. I did … Read More

A Review On The Night Sender by Christina Tsirkas

On her 18th birthday, Rose Woodburn is visited by a night sender, just like every of age girl in the court, except, no man is to know about the night senders. But life for Rose is made difficult by the mean girl, Savannah who desperately wants to make Rose’s life a living hell. What Rose doesn’t … Read More

A Review On Secrets of the Starcrossed by Clara O’Connor

Cassandra Shelton, the daughter of a powerful merchant is betrothed to the most eligible bachelor in the city, Marcus Courtenay. But, when she helps out Devyn Agrestin, her classmate, there is an underlying attraction that she feels towards him that she can’t understand. Now, Cassandra discovers that the mysterious sickness that is effecting the citizens of … Read More

A Review On Big Girl, Small Town by Michelle Gallen

Set in a small Irish town, Majella O’Neill is an autistic young woman living with her mom. Majella lives her daily life through her comfortable day-to-day routine. We are taken through a tragedy in Majella’s life and now, her comfortable routine is thrown off guard and she must figure out the big changes in her … Read More

A Review On Creatures by Crissy Van Meter

With her wedding on hold and a dead whale on the beach, Evangeline “Evie” is now worried about her fiancé who is stuck at sea. Now, Evie flashes through her life and her absent parents as she remembers her upbringing and the lack of parents, dealing with abandonment, betrayal, being surrounded by alcohol, drugs, and … Read More

A Review On Foreshadow by Emily X.R. Pan & Nova Ren Suma

Through many of these thirteen short stories, Foreshadow brings us diverse stories, from realistic fiction to fantasy, we can dive deeper into the meaning behind each short story. Foreshadow is a collection of thirteen different short stories written by different authors, ranging from different genres and prompts. Our thirteen authors are: Tanya Aydelott, Rachel Hylton, … Read More


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