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A Review On Isle of the Immortal by SM Estrada

When the life of her brother is on the line, Shailin sets off on an adventure to save him, all the way to the Isle of Immortals. Alone and defenseless except for a knife giving to her by her mother and a ring that is meant to help her, she sets off on this journey … Read More

A Review On The Dragon’s Bride by Christis Christie

Imara has always believed that she is normal, the only one in her quaint little town to be without magic. So, when her town elders must give a gift to the Dragon Master in order to save their town from the mages, they must give him something extravagant, something that they don’t normally give. So, … Read More

A Review On Missing Charlie by Jess K. Hardy

When Nona May Taylor is cursed and forced to leave in a secluded cabin in the middle of the woods with her animal companions, it can get a little lonely. But when Nona rescues Charlie, an injured hiker, there is something about him that seems to capture Nona’s attention. I gave Missing Charlie four stars, really … Read More

A Review On Tempting the Scoundrel by Tracy Sumner

After meeting ten years ago, distinguished watchmaker, Christian Bainbridge, meets the woman he fell in love with, Raine Mowbray. The moment Christian noticed her, he knew that she was the one that had stolen his heart and that he had to have her love. Now ten years later, their chance meeting has pushed Christian to … Read More

A Review On The Alice Equation by Davina Stone

Being best friends for five years, Alice Montgomery and Aaron Blake are as close as ever. Except one day, during a job interview, Aaron lets it slip that he might be dating Alice. Except he’s not. Now. Alice and Aaron are pushed into a fake relationship, but perhaps there are some underlying feelings that have … Read More

A Review On For the Love of a Witch by Sarah-Jane Lehoux

A knight, loyal to his queen, goes off to fight the dangerous dragon that has been terrorizing the towns, leaving many townsfolk for dead. Eoin goes off ready to kill the dragon, but on the way, finds something he leasts expect. Through For the Love of a Witch, we get the love story of the … Read More

A Review On Beneath Cruel Fathoms by Anela Deen

Mermaids and humans. Two different worlds that don’t expect to collide, intertwine with force and, in the most unexpected ways, love. Beneath Cruel Fathoms is the story of Isaura and Leonel and the forbidden love that sparks between them. Being a fan of mermaids, it is difficult to discover good mermaid novels that capture my … Read More

A Review On The Rose Princess by Ivy Hollins

A Sleeping Beauty retelling, The Rose Princess shows us the possibilities of what would have happened if the original Sleeping Beauty were a fantasy. The romance between our two main characters, Talia and Caradoc throughout the story is built on things that started from childhood, the romantic aspects of their already formed friendship blooming throughout … Read More