A Review On The Night Sender by Christina Tsirkas

On her 18th birthday, Rose Woodburn is visited by a night sender, just like every of age girl in the court, except, no man is to know about the night senders. But life for Rose is made difficult by the mean girl, Savannah who desperately wants to make Rose’s life a living hell. What Rose doesn’t intend to do is find herself noticing things in a different light. Especially when it comes to the night sender that intends to have her for her special night. Read More

A Review On Into the Burning Dawn by Natalie Meg Evans

Imogen Fitzgerald, raised in an English orphan works for the Count di Trosini, Giancarlo, as his kids, Eloisa and Marco’s “nanny” or teacher figure. But along the way, World War II tears through Italy and the di Trosini household. And, to add to the chaos of war, Giancarlo’s half-brother, Fabrizio, stirs Imogen’s life and twists and turns it for better or for worst.

Into the Burning Dawn shows the struggles of war, family, and love amidst a World War and the lines between enemies and friends. We are taken through years of Imogen’s life with the di Trosini’s and the struggles and hardships that she faces with the family and how she comes to show her true self.

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