“There is more treasure in books than in all the pirates’ loot on Treasure Island and best of all, you can enjoy these riches every day of your life.”

― Walt Disney

A Review On The Royals Next Door by Karina Halle

When schoolteacher Piper Evans discovers that royalty will be moving next door, she doesn’t realize that also includes a grumpy, broody, and very handsome bodyguard, Harrison Cole. While the royals are in town, Piper will be seeing a lot more of the handsome bodyguard. But, while the handsome bodyguard protects royals, Piper doesn’t expect the … Read More

A Review On The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

When I first heard of The Silent Patient, I had finished The Secret History by Donna Tartt about a month prior. I was worried that The Silent Patient would be something horror related and not up my alley but I was very wrong. I’m so glad that I picked up The Silent Patient because it … Read More

A Review On The Dragon’s Bride by Christis Christie

Imara has always believed that she is normal, the only one in her quaint little town to be without magic. So, when her town elders must give a gift to the Dragon Master in order to save their town from the mages, they must give him something extravagant, something that they don’t normally give. So, … Read More

A Review On Missing Charlie by Jess K. Hardy

When Nona May Taylor is cursed and forced to leave in a secluded cabin in the middle of the woods with her animal companions, it can get a little lonely. But when Nona rescues Charlie, an injured hiker, there is something about him that seems to capture Nona’s attention. I gave Missing Charlie four stars, really … Read More

It’s Okay to Read Romance

For a long time, I used to hide the fact that I read romance. My parents were always complaining that reading romance was going to be bad for my future, that I would have too high of an expectation. In the beginning, I believed them, but now, I freely and openly read romance. And they’re … Read More

A Review On Star Daughter by Shveta Thakrar

Sheetal has always known of her powers, but, the biggest problem yet, is hiding them. Until one day, she hears the star songs and then her father is sent to the hospital due to an accident with her powers, Sheetal must go to the Star court in order to help her father. But, what she … Read More

A Review On Hieroglyphics by Jill McCorkle

After retiring to North Carolina, Lil is determined to leave letters, diaries, and notes to her and her husband Frank’s children. While Lil is determined to do that, Frank is determined to find what has been left behind his childhood home which is now owned by Shelley and her son. These visits from Frank trigger … Read More

A Review On People We Meet On Vacation by Emily Henry

People We Meet on Vacation is the story of Poppy Wright and Alex Nilsen, two best friends that two years ago, had a falling out. Now Poppy wants to fix their relationship and in one week, win back her best friend. Alex and Poppy have always been opposites. While Poppy loves to travel, is carefree, and … Read More

A Review On To Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo

In a world full of war, humans versus sirens, the Princes’ Bane hunts the most sought out Prince’s heart and the Siren Killer is out to hunt the Princes’ Bane. But when chance happens, they must work together to kill their mutual enemy. To Kill a Kingdom follows Princess Lira, the Princes’ Bane, and the most … Read More

A Review On Lana’s War by Anita Abriel

Months after losing her husband and her unborn child, Lana Antanova teams up with Guy Pascal in Nice, in order to help save Jewish families from being taken, helping them escape to have better lives. Lana’s War is a powerful story of love, friendship, and discovery of people that you least expect it. This book … Read More

A Review On The White Coat Diaries by Madi Sinha

In The White Coat Diaries, we are transported to a world filled with medical terms, diagnosis, and the life of a working woman. Through the life of Norah Kadapia, we are shown her world in the beginning as an intern at a hospital, learning the ropes of what it would truly take to become a … Read More

A Review On Minus Me by Mameve Medwed

When it comes to the toughest situation of family, health, and love, Minus Me is the perfect example of the hardships of what a person must go through. Annie shows us her life as she is diagnosed with cancer, unknown of what to do in order to prepare her husband and childhood sweetheart, Sam, with … Read More

A Review On The Witch’s Heart by Genevieve Gornichec

The Witch’s Heart is a gripping retelling of Norse mythology and the take on what we knew, The Witch’s Heart shows us a whole new tale of the unknown. From love, to betrayal, to family, to war, The Witch’s Heart was the perfect story of all of these combined and the story of Angrboda and … Read More

A Review On Libertie by Kaitlyn Greenidge

In the time of slavery, Libertie is the story of Libertie Samson and how she begins to discover being a Black woman in a time of men. Throughout her life, Libertie is brought different situations, talking about race, colorism, as well as issues on slavery. Each point that was talked about hit so many different … Read More

A Review On The Forgotten Kingdom by Signe Pike

The Forgotten Kingdom tells the story in three parts, Langoureth, Lailoken, and Angharad, a family divided by kingdom and by land. The Forgotten Kingdom shows the rich Arthurian mythology and the power behind family. I gave The Forgotten Kingdom three stars, enjoying the history and the Arthurian mythology that filled the books and filled my imagination … Read More

A Review On Accidentally In Love by Belinda Missen

Accidentally In Love tells the story of Katharine who quit her job and moved back home in order to open a gallery. Along the way, she must choose things that help herself and that help her loved ones. But, that also comes in the form of Christopher “Kit” Dunbar, a stubborn, handsome local artist that … Read More

A Review On The Gift of Rio by C.S. Elston

After traveling to Hawaii after a traumatizing situation, Mei, now known as Toki, lives her life with her unborn daughter who would later become Rio in Hawaii. But on her way to But, during her trip from Japan to Hawaii, she encounters an old lady that tells her that her daughter Rio would grow up … Read More

A Review On Fairy Godmothers, Inc. by Saranna DeWylde

Fairy Godmothers, Inc., is the story of second chances, luck, and love, all through Lucky Fujiki and Ransom Payne. A story of second chances and believing in yourself, this is such a cute romance and a perfect play on our fairytales that we are used to. Sometimes, in a fairytale, luck might not be on … Read More

A Review On Let’s Get Back to the Party by Zak Salih

Let’s Get Back to the Party is the story of Sebastian Mote, a 30 year old professor who is single and envies his students that can live so freely. After meeting his old childhood friend, Oscar Burnham, he discovers the current gay culture and how, as they both get older, see the ever-changing world. I did … Read More

A Review On The Night Sender by Christina Tsirkas

On her 18th birthday, Rose Woodburn is visited by a night sender, just like every of age girl in the court, except, no man is to know about the night senders. But life for Rose is made difficult by the mean girl, Savannah who desperately wants to make Rose’s life a living hell. What Rose doesn’t … Read More

A Review On Into the Burning Dawn by Natalie Meg Evans

Imogen Fitzgerald, raised in an English orphan works for the Count di Trosini, Giancarlo, as his kids, Eloisa and Marco’s “nanny” or teacher figure. But along the way, World War II tears through Italy and the di Trosini household. And, to add to the chaos of war, Giancarlo’s half-brother, Fabrizio, stirs Imogen’s life and twists … Read More


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