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A Review On Partners in Crime by Alisha Rai

After her aunt passes away, Mira Chaudhary is pushed to meet with her aunt’s attorney in discussion of her will, only to be met with her ex, Naveen Desai. Pushed into a shocking situation of kidnapping, heist doing, and tight situations facing each other’s reignited chemistry, Mira and Naveen are forced to confront their past … Read More

A Review On A Very Merry Bromance by Lyssa Kay Adams

After a special night together, Colton Wheeler discovers that the one thing that he wants is Gretchen Winthrop, but, Gretchen has other plans from their night together. A year later, she is forced to reconcile with the handsome Colton Wheeler for a spectacular Christmas. And this time, Colton is not letting her go from his … Read More

A Review On Once Upon a December by Amy E. Reichert

Every year in December, the Milwaukee Christmas market is the prime destination for Astra Noel Snow. Especially when there’s a handsome baker there saving the best and most delicious kringle for her. But, unbeknownst to Astra, the handsome baker Jack Clausen has more secrets that he simply wants to share with her. Especially when even … Read More

A Review On The Witch and the Tsar by Olesya Salnikova Gilmore

When Russia is being threatened by an unknown force, half-goddess Yaga must discover a way to stop evil from taking over from the lands she loves. As she travels through Russia, teaming up with various people, warriors and creatures, she discovers secrets that change her life and her views of this inco ming war on … Read More

A Review On Mistakes Were Made by Meryl Wilsner

After the messy divorce from her husband, Erin Bennett decides she needs to go to a bar and have a day to herself. She definitely did not expect to have a one night stand with Cassie Klein, who turns out to be a friend of her daughters. Even though Cassie may be older than her … Read More

A Review On A Cosmic Kind of Love by Samantha Young

After event planner Hallie Goodman comes across a file of video diaries from a bride’s ex, which she knows is wrong to watch, Hallie can’t help but find a connection with the ex, Captain Christopher Ortiz, an astronaut. When Chris discovers these correspondences, he can’t help but find a connection with Hallie and how different … Read More

A Review On The Many Daughters of Afong Moy by Jamie Ford

Dorothy Moy is in desperate need in helping her daughter overcome the pain and trauma that is passed down through generations of the Moy daughters. Especially when it has affected every single Moy daughter from finding peace with themselves. Riddled with pain and trauma, we are brought through each Moy daughter, starting with Afong Moy. … Read More

A Review On To Sir, With Love by Lauren Layne

Gracie Cooper runs her family-owned champagne store after her father’s death, unfortunately giving up her dream of art. But, unfortunately, it starts to take a turn and when Sebastian Andrews and his company wants to buy her out, tension begins to fly, even when chemistry is mixed into those sparks. I gave To Sir, With … Read More

A Review On Drunk on Love by Jasmine Guillory

After a much needed one night stand, Margot Noble discovers that the handsome night stand also happens to be her new employee, Luke Williams for her winery. But, their chemistry and memories of that hot and steamy night can’t seem to be forgotten by both parties, especially now that they are seeing a lot more … Read More


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