A Review On Minus Me by Mameve Medwed

When it comes to the toughest situation of family, health, and love, Minus Me is the perfect example of the hardships of what a person must go through. Annie shows us her life as she is diagnosed with cancer, unknown of what to do in order to prepare her husband and childhood sweetheart, Sam, with living alone. Minus Me shows us how important love, communication, and family are a big part of ones decision when it comes to her medical conditions and the struggles of maternity and raising a family. Even through hard times, as seen on Minus Me, the connection of Read More

A Review On The Witch’s Heart by Genevieve Gornichec

The Witch’s Heart is a gripping retelling of Norse mythology and the take on what we knew, The Witch’s Heart shows us a whole new tale of the unknown. From love, to betrayal, to family, to war, The Witch’s Heart was the perfect story of all of these combined and the story of Angrboda and the life she lived. The Witch’s Heart was the perfect introduction to Norse mythology for me, prompting me to Read More

A Review On The Forgotten Kingdom by Signe Pike

The Forgotten Kingdom tells the story in three parts, Langoureth, Lailoken, and Angharad, a family divided by kingdom and by land. The Forgotten Kingdom shows the rich Arthurian mythology and the power behind family. I gave The Forgotten Kingdom three stars, enjoying the history and the Arthurian mythology that filled the books and filled my imagination as I read The Forgotten Kingdom. Read More

A Review On Accidentally In Love by Belinda Missen

Accidentally In Love tells the story of Katharine who quit her job and moved back home in order to open a gallery. Along the way, she must choose things that help herself and that help her loved ones. But, that also comes in the form of Christopher “Kit” Dunbar, a stubborn, handsome local artist that seems to disagree with Katharine every single minute of their interactions. I gave Accidentally In Love four stars, loving the enemies to lovers aspect of this book. Katharine and Kit’s relationship was adorable and the tension between them was amazing. Read More