A Review On When the World Runs Dry by Nancy F. Castaldo

When the World Runs Dry gives us the facts and information that shows us how much the world is in need of better health and recovery. The way Nancy F. Castaldo helps me understand that there is much more struggle in the world and in various communities than meets the eye. I gave When the World Runs Dry five stars, really enjoying and learning so much from this book. I was able to highlight so much and take notes on the fact that I felt embarrassed that there

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A Review On Mistletoe and Mr. Right By Sarah Morgenthaller

When Lana Montgomery, one of the richest people in town makes a promise to catch a mysterious moose that seems to be destroying christmas related items around town, Rick can’t help but fall in love with her, his dream woman and from their, maybe catch a moose together. Mistletoe and Mr. Right showcases the friends to lovers romance that seems to just not want to stay in the friendzone. Read More

A Review On The Way You Hold Me By Elle Wright

When Skye and Garrett are pushed to work together, the sparks that once flew in the past now can’t seem to stay contained. <u>The Way You Hold Me</u> gives you that sense of satisfaction when Skye and Garrett bring together sparks and chemistry wrapped up in this amazing book. They’ll bring the chemistry and the love and the work proximity full steam ahead, especially when they truly discover their feelings that left unspoken.

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