A Review On Capturing the Earl by A.S. Fenichel

Lady Mercedes “Mercy” Heath has since put the notion that she would either die a spinster or marry a man she would never love. But, when she meets Wesley Renshaw, a man who is interested in marrying one of her friends, why is that she can’t stop thinking about him, or that he can’t stop thinking about her? The premise of Capturing the Earl leaves one absolutely in love, especially when you find that the romance between Mercy and Wesley are simply made for each other, you just can’t help but love their romance. Read More

A Review On The Earl Not Taken By A.S. Fenichel

Penelope “Poppy” Arrington has sworn off men and marriage and has committed to living life to the fullest with her group of friends known as the Wallflowers of West Lane. But, her dearest friend, Aurora, recently widowed, has moved back into her home and Poppy intends to keep her company. Except, where Aurora is, so is her older brother, the Earl of Marsden, Rhys Draper.

Irritated with a past encounter with Rhys, Poppy keeps him at a distance, brushing off any attempts to make nice with him and spending every minute hating him, except for their mutual love for Rhys’ sister, Aurora.

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