A Review On Drunk on Love by Jasmine Guillory

After a much needed one night stand, Margot Noble discovers that the handsome night stand also happens to be her new employee, Luke Williams for her winery. But, their chemistry and memories of that hot and steamy night can’t seem to be forgotten by both parties, especially now that they are seeing a lot more of each other than they thought. I gave Drunk on Love four stars, really enjoying the growing relationship between Margot and Luke and loved that they were just so attracted to each other. It was a fun relationship that Read More

A Review On By the Book by Jasmine Guillory

When Isabelle Marlowe unexpectedly volunteers to get the rich and bad reputation Beau Towers to write his memoir. So, when she travels to sunny California from the cold harsh winter qof New York, a blossoming friendship between Beau and Isabelle is the last thing on her mind. I gave By the Book five stars, loving the relationship between Beau and Izzy. The hate sizzled between them but they couldn’t help discovering what works for them.

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