A Review On Isle of the Immortal by SM Estrada

When the life of her brother is on the line, Shailin sets off on an adventure to save him, all the way to the Isle of Immortals. Alone and defenseless except for a knife giving to her by her mother and a ring that is meant to help her, she sets off on this journey only to come across an annoying yet handsome stranger, Axton.

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A Review On Missing Charlie by Jess K. Hardy

When Nona May Taylor is cursed and forced to leave in a secluded cabin in the middle of the woods with her animal companions, it can get a little lonely. But when Nona rescues Charlie, an injured hiker, there is something about him that seems to capture Nona’s attention. I gave Missing Charlie four stars, really enjoying the cute environment of the woods and I really liked the relationship between Nona and Charlie. Nona, who is cursed, appears as an old woman, however, she’s really in her 20s. In the inside, she sees how\ Read More