My 2020 Weight Loss Goals

2020 has been something that I have not been looking forward to, only because I’m getting older and the responsibility is increasing as I grow older. But with that comes my weight. As a little girl I’ve been pretty fit. I did tennis, swimming which I thoroughly enjoyed, basketball which I did not at all enjoy but rather was forced to go to a camp because my brother did, soccer, and softball at the moment. But, in 2017 I got into an accident. I was snowboarding and I was pushed into the side of the cliff and fell off the edge. That ultimately pushed me to tear my right ACL forcing me slightly immobile for the entire year. And although I did PE during school, I never fully committed to going to the gym everyday and exercise everyday like in the past.

Because I had a little pause in my fitness and my health my weight and my physical appearance had changed drastically and although I would go to the gym weekly back in 2019, I didn’t push myself to do it frequently enough where I would physically change.

But, as of 2020 when school officially started, I told myself it was time to make this change. I’m at that certain age where time won’t be on my side often and I have to always be careful with how I spend my time, and one thing I needed to work on was my weight. So, here are three things that I am doing to lose weight and fat in 2020.

The first product and routine that I’ve been diligently taking every day is my detox tea that I drink called: Traditional Medicinals: EverDay Detox in Lemon which I previously mentioned in my How to Have a Productive 2020 blogpost which went up on Wednesday (Tuesday 12 pm CST). The detox tea isn’t strong at all and even if you want to drink it as a normal beverage, it is completely fine and tastes and smells delicious. When I started school for the second semester I started bringing these to school in my insulated bottle and continuously refilled my bottle with hot water. Not only did I enjoy the taste of the tea, it really helped my hunger lessen, making me stop snacking too much on a daily basis. However, while I stopped snacking on unhealthy snacks, I did feel hungrier throughout the day after having 3 meals, but, with the detox tea I found myself suppressing that hunger.

While that may sound like a bad thing, it did help me with eating healthier and bringing lunch from home to make sure that I’m eating the correct food to help me lose weight and to physically lose fat. I’ve also started to drink only my detox tea and water, with the occasional coffee once or twice a week. I used to be an avid coffee drinker, drinking everyday which, my friends can definitely agree with, however, now that I’ve discovered tea and have been trying to stop my coffee temptations, I’ve realized coffee doesn’t always have to be my fuel for the day. Because I drink too almost every weekday, coffee is something I mainly drink on the weekends as I don’t drink the detox tea on the weekends as I branch out on tea or coffee or even simply drink water. While I haven’t stopped completely drinking coffee, I have completely stopped any sort of soda consumption since starting my resolution and I feel a lot better. Stopping soda has made me stop wanting to drink it so often (although I still want to drink them during movies).

Not only am I drinking this, I’ve also changed my eating habits. In the past I was a heavy red meat eater. And I’m not saying I’ve cut all red meat, no, I’m a heavy meat eater and will forever be one, but, my portions are much less than they were before. I’m also not eating red meat everyday. There are some days where I would only eat vegetarian dishes and there were some days I would have cut up meat buried in vegetables; mushrooms, lettuce, carrot, corn, etc. While I do eat a lot of vegetables during my meal, I’m not eating too much. I’m eating only where I’ve satisfied my hunger rather than becoming completely full or perhaps stuffed. I feel that because I’ve changed my eating habits, I don’t rely on snacks as much and my need to eat has gone down.

Lastly, I want to talk about my physical change. As I mentioned in the beginning of the post, I used to be exercising frequently but because in 2017 I tore my right ACL, things had stopped for me. I had to take a year off my exercising and all I did was do my physiotherapy exercises and eat and sleep and go to school. That was the point where I really gained weight and fat. Although I tried to go to the gym frequently after I had gotten a surgery for my knee and did months of PT, I wasn’t in a routine where I could lose that weight and fat that I had gained from not exercising for a year.

But as of 2020, I started going to the gym everyday. Because I have homework to do and that is one of the reasons why my gym time is short. I spend 30 minutes on the treadmill or elliptical. While that might seem like it is not going to do anything, I found that it has helped going for at least 30 minutes a day and then doing sit ups and ab workouts at home using my yoga mat. I found that while there are yoga mats in my gym, going back and using my own is more hygienic as who knows who’s sweat still is on the gym mats? So I would keep it safe for myself and just so that I don’t get any sweat on those mats as well.

So, that is all for my three things that I’ve been working on and still am working on for my 2020 goals for weight and fat loss. I hope you guys enjoyed this and could get some ideas of this!

Have a good day!


Veronica Chen

How to Have a Productive 2020

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog 2020!!

I’ve been gone for almost two years now but it’s time to come back and write to you guys! My new schedule for 2020 is every Tuesdays and Thursdays 10 am CST!!

As many of you guys know, I’m a student and I deal with a lot of procrastination throughout the weekdays and even weekends, but, I’ve recently wanted to change my life around and procrastinate less and have more time to be productive so that in the end, I have more free time to write or watch my favorite shows.

Today I’m here to show you my favorite apps, websites, and habits that are my goals for this year and this decade. Let’s start with apps.

As many of you guys know from my one of my previous posts: Five Apps That Have Changed My Habits, I featured an app called Forest and I’m here to re-feature it! It is an absolutely amazing app that I have a feeling I would continue to promote it even after I’m out of school. It doesn’t apply to just students, I believe it will also apply to adults. It helps you focus without using your phone at all. Not only does it have a mobile app, it also has a chrome extension for it too. And if you log in, you can access your data on both your phone and laptop! It has helped me stay focused during my school work and when I write so that I can focus on the words I type and getting my thoughts out on the document or paper I’m writing. While it does cost $1.99 on the app store (for apple users) and free on the Google Play Store (I believe although I do not have an android phone to truly verify this so if it is correct please do tell me!) I believe that it is an app that is worth to have and I know will be useful for a long time to come.

The second part to my productivity of 2020 is my planner. Last year, the way I organized my tasks was using the Apple Calendar and Apple Reminders app, however, I’ve come to realize that writing all my tasks down has really helped me stay organized during January when I started school and hopefully for the rest of the year.

Here is a little excerpt from last week’s tasks:

My planner excerpt from Jan 20 – Jan 26

While this might seem like a lot to you guys or perhaps maybe a little to you guys, I was able to organize my time and my tasks on a weekly basis on the left side and if I ran out of space, I wrote it on the right side. This is the 2020 monthly weekly A5 planner from Muji which I found very handy. Actually I saw one of my classmates using a Muji planner in which I got inspired when seeing her during class write all her tasks down. She was really organized in that class and she was really ahead of the schedule in assignments. I saw her use her planner and do her assignments on time while I did it the night or even a few hours before and barely got it in. So this semester I started using this planner which I got during my Winter break and I’ve been using it ever since I started school. Of course getting a Muji planner isn’t the only answer, you can always get your own online planner or your favorite brand of planner. But the organization is still there of course!

The next goal/resolution I have been working on is getting in shape. For my age, I’m pretty overweight and that is something I’ve been struggling with. So, as a goal this semester, really this year, is to go to the gym everyday. Now if you’re also a student or a busy adult who’s work hours are rather tight, going for even 30 minutes a day and just working the treadmill is all you need. That is what I’ve been doing and so far, since I started doing 30 minute everyday workouts after school, I’ve lost 2 kg. Which while it may seem to be very little, losing weight is going to be a long time thing and just losing 2 kg within a span of 3 weeks is not bad in my opinion! On some days however, I feel lazy, but I know that if I just take 30 minutes out of my day to do this, I can see a difference a year or even a month later. Of course if you want to take it to the next step by all means!

Another thing to my weightloss journey of 2020 is my diet. Everyday since I started working out I’ve been drinking Traditional Medicinals: EverDay Detox in Lemon. Although I’ve provided an Amazon link, buying it at my local grocery store is more convenient. This isn’t just for weight loss but ever since I started drinking this everyday during school and refilling it up constantly throughout the day I’ve started to notice my pimple-face clear up so much and seeing the true colors of my natural skin rather the pimples staring back at me. It’s also good as a tea so if you’re fit and you just want some good tasting tea, this is also a great solution!

And lastly, something I’ve been wanting to do this year is read and write more. Last year I felt like I spent all my time really focusing on school (which of course is a good thing) however I never got time to do what I love like reading and writing. So, I’ve set up my Goodreads 2020 reading goal and while 30 books as a student is probably good enough, this year I’m hoping to read about 50 books, however as a basis, I’ve set my goal for 30 books. Reading is a great pass time as well as a simple way to gain inspiration, so I plan to set a reminder every day to read the current book I am reading.

So there you have it! My goals and resolutions as well as things I’m using to get productive this year! I hope you’ve found some helpful tips to start off your 2020 (even though it’s already February) and that you have just as a productive 2020 year as I am!

Thank you guys for being here and please do like and comment and tell me things that you guys are doing for productivity and we can all bounce creative ideas off each other!


Veronica Chen

Five Apps That Have Changed My Habits

Today I’m here to share five apps that have changed my habits as of this summer and the past two weeks of starting school. These apps are really useful and easy to use, though I’m not sure if they sell it in both Android and Apple but I do know that the apps I’m showing you guys are all accessible through Apple.

The first app I want to talk about is Forest. It costs $0.99 but if I think of all the apps worth buying, I think of this app. It helps me stay productive during school and I find that whenever it’s on, I’m ten times more focused on my work. I’m not tempted to use my phone because I know I have the Forest app running and the moment I close the app page, my tree dies. And, to make things better, if you reach 2500 points, you can plant a real tree. Here’s a little Instagram story that I posted on:


So not only does this app make you more productive, it even allows you to plant real-life trees. This is the first app that I recommend because not only can you use this for school, you can use it so you’re focused on your dinner, your work meetings or assignments, during the movies, etc.

The second app is Goodreads. Many of you guys know this app as I post it on some of my other blog posts for you guys to check out whenever I post a book related post. I love this app because it’s great for sharing the types of books you read and it also lets you see book recommendations from friends. I find that I’m always on Goodreads continuously looking for a good book to read next. What’s good about Goodreads is that if you see a book you can even see the ratings and reviews other people give. I know that’s like judging a book by its cover but I think it’s really useful. But most of the time I’m looking at the 4-5 star ratings on the book. Maybe I should just do a post on why Goodreads is such a good app.

The third app I like is called Relax Melodies. Although I can sleep through tornadoes and can sleep in five minutes, sometimes on one of those days, I have the hardest times sleeping. Here you can create as many sounds as you want using the free version and it’s great because you don’t really need the premium account in order to access a lot of sounds. I usually set a timer for 20 minutes for the sounds to go off and it works great. I fall asleep really easily with it on when I find that I’m having trouble sleeping or some sorts. I find I’m having a much better night when I sleep with this on.

Many of you guys already know Quizlet so I’m not going to go into full detail on why it’s a great app. Over the summer, I used Quizlet to make a set for my Chemistry class, a way to memorize the periodic table. I found out in Open House that I didn’t even need to memorize it, nonetheless, I used almost all the features Quizlet has to give when studying a set and I find it has really helped me memorize the periodic table even when I don’t need to memorize it. If you’re in need of a periodic table study set, I created a Quizlet with all 118 elements for you to study. Click here to access the study set.

This last one is also a pretty common app, Duolingo. I’m currently learning French in school so I don’t really study French that often on Duolingo, but, I do use this app for learning Spanish. When I study with Duolingo, I make sure that the speaking, listening, and typing setting is on because I feel like I can fully benefit from those features when learning Spanish. But why is it that I’m learning Spanish on Duolingo and French at school? To be frank, my parents sort of pushed me to learn French because no one in my family knows French. I chose to learn Spanish on Duolingo because so many of my family members know Spanish and I find that whenever I’m with my cousins, aunts, and uncles, even my grandparents, I’m always having to ask my mom what they’re saying because they’re talking in Spanish. That’s one reason I’m learning Spanish. And because it’s a little tough taking to language courses in my school.

I most likely didn’t have to rant on why I desperately wanted to learn Spanish but truthfully, I’m really learning a lot on Duolingo when I’m learning Spanish. It’s probably the best free learning app because it’s got a lot of languages you can learn on the go.

All these apps have really helped me be more productive in terms of studying as well as concentrating on the task at hand. I’m not steering off course by going on social media often. I realize that you can access all these apps on the computer, but for me, I only really go on social media on my phone. All these apps help me study and learn more without being too stressed about it. I’m feeling ten times more relaxed by using background noises when sleeping and on a daily basis, I feel lighter in my head and I’m not feeling too stressed.

Though the Forest app isn’t free, I recommend getting it to really help you stay on task and help lessen your time on social media.

I hope these apps were helpful in knowing, though I notice that most of you probably already know these apps, all the five apps that I mentioned I love to use. I don’t use them a lot on the weekends but during the weekdays, those apps are open when I need them.

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoy what my favorite apps are that have really changed my studying and lifestyle habits!

Go check out my Goodreads and my Chemistry study set. I post updates on my Instagram story so check that out too! Comment down below what are your favorite apps for habits!

Veronica Chen